53 Carlsbad students qualify for State Leadership Conference in Albuquerque

53 Carlsbad students qualify for State Leadership Conference in Albuquerque

The Business Professionals of America (BPA) programs at Carlsbad High School and the Early College High School did it again. Following the competition in Artesia, 28 CHS BPA students qualified for the State Leadership Conference in Albuquerque, while 25 students from the ECHS BPA program qualified.

Yukl Ye was a top finisher, receiving third in Administrative Support Concepts, first in Basic Office Systems and Procedures, first in Financial Math & Analysis, first in Legal Office Procedures, fifth in Management, Marketing & Human Resources, and third in Meeting and Event Planning Concepts.

Raj Bhakta took first in Computer Programming Concepts, first in Fundamentals of Web Design, first in Information Technology Concepts, and first in Python Programming,

Bryce Mashaw placed first in Device Configuration & Troubleshooting, and he was also on the 2nd place team, along with Grace Hendrickson and Ashtyn Olivas, in Website Design.

Jack Dodd finished third in Computer Programming Concepts, third in Banking and Finance, and third in Information Technology Concepts, as well as Fourth in Device Configuration.

Hailey Digby finished fourth in Administrative Support Concepts and fifth in Business Law & Ethics, as well as first in Meeting & Event Planning Concepts.

The presentation team of Michaela Aycock, Carmela Bicol and Christina Bicol took first in presentation, while Mason Region won the individual award. The podcast production team of Mario DeLeon, John McCormack, Russell Silva and Miles Stephens also took first. The Broadcast Production Team of Madison George, Sawyer Johnson and Aniah Sepulveda finished first as well.

Avintee Hoopes placed first in Fundamental Desktop Publishing and first in Parliamentary Procedure Concepts.

Alan Zhang took 2nd place in Health Insurance and a 2nd in Financial Math and Analysis, as well as a third in Personal Finance Management.

Karina Perez placed first in Health Administration Procedures and fifth in Desktop Publishing, while Daniel Brummett placed third. Ashtyn Olivas also won first in Fundamental Word Processing, with Marianne Parsons and Kanyon Kitchens finishing fourth and fifth.

Additional CHS placers included Lilayna Mojo (2nd in Business Law), Christina Bicol (4th in Digital Marketing), Aniah Supulveda (5th in Digital Marketing, 2nd in Health Research Presentation), Baley King (3rd in Ethics and Professionalism), Michaela Aycock (4th in Meeting and Event Planning) and Christina Bicol (5th in Meeting in Event Planning), as well as Brian Ye (4th in Personal Finance Management).

For ECHS, Julieta, Janessa, Maleah and Francisco placed first in visual design, with Alexis, Mia, Imari and Faith placing third. The website design team of Seann, Maranda, Reecy and Nathan placed first, and the Podcast Production Team of Kaeley, Shylee, Brenley and Emilee placed second.

First place awards went to Nathan Spencer (Personal Finance Management),

Seann Froi Hijada (Business Law and Ethics), Jeremiah Fierro (Graphic Design Promotion). Matthew Rodriguez (Computer Security), and Imarii Orozco (Health Research Presentation). Rodriguez also placed second in Device Configuration and Troubleshooting.

Additional Early College places included Reecy Castillo (5th in Word Processing), Hailey McDonald (3rd in Advanced Spreadsheet and fifth in Advanced Office Systems and Procedures), Nicholas Wildman (3rd in Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications), Maranda Campbell (3rd in Business Law and Ethics) and Nicholas Wildman (4th in Business Law).

River Hutchins finished 3rd in Device Configuration and Troubleshooting, while Brian Hughes finished 5th. Oscar Cota Mendoza placed 2nd in Computer Security, and Hughes also took third there. Emily Cox placed third in interview skills and Faith Ragland finished 3rd in Prepared Speech.

Hanli Norman finished 2nd in the Individual Presentation. Finally, James Castor and Audriana finished fourth and fifth in Health Administration Procedures.

Congratulations to all of the Carlsbad students who competed in these events!

This report was originally published by the City of Carlsbad.