Allsup's burrito enjoys yearlong celebration for its 50th birthday

Allsup’s burrito enjoys yearlong celebration for its 50th birthday

The famous Allsup’s burrito started as an appetizing accident.

The legend begins in New Mexico in 1974, when baked burritos ended up in a doughnut fryer. When late Allsup founder Lonnie Allsup saw that customers couldn’t get enough of the deep-fried, golden, tortilla-wrapped burritos, a classic was born.

Allsup’s was the first convenience store to deep fry a burrito.  Fifty years later, the famous item remains available at all 441 Yesway and Allsup stores in nine states, including New Mexico and Texas. Yesway acquired all Allsup’s Convenience Stores in 2019. The company sells 27 million burritos each year.

In honor of the burrito’s 50th birthday, Yesway announced in September it is holding a yearlong anniversary celebration with promotions emerging throughout the year. Recently, the company announced the burritos are now available for purchase online. It also offered Black Friday deals.

For those who haven’t tried it, Allsup’s beef and bean burrito is handmade with slow-cooked beans, beef, cheese, and a special blend of spices.

More promotions and events will be announced throughout the coming year. Visit this website to stay up to date.

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