Author of 'Dory Fantasmagory' series to speak in Midland

Author of ‘Dory Fantasmagory’ series to speak in Midland

Abby Hanlon, author of the popular ‘Dory Fantasmagory’ children’s book series, is scheduled to speak at a Project Literacy event at Centennial Library in Midland on Thursday, Oct. 5, at 1 p.m.

Hanlon plans to share her story about her transition from being a first grade teacher to an author and illustrator, according to organizers. “She will show students how she learned to draw as an adult, and show an awesome writing trick so everyone can craft their own story,” they added.

Hanlon taught creative writing and first grade in the New York City public school system and was inspired by her students’ storytelling and drawings. She began to write her own stories for children and taught herself to draw. Her Dory series is a world-wide sensation. In Italy, Oct. 21 is “Dory Day” and it is celebrated in 140 bookstores all over the country, Hanlon’s website notes.

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