Ballpark Links returns for Fall dates

Ballpark Links returns for Fall dates

Golf enthusiasts are prepping to bring their clubs to the ballpark on Oct. 27 or Oct. 28.

Yes, you read that right.

On the evenings of Oct-27 and Oct. 28, BallPark links will return to Momentum Bank Ballpark.

The Midland Rockhounds are inviting the community to tee off in one of their own private hitting bays under the scoreboard. They’ll be able to hit golf balls to nine holes ranging from 60 to 140 yards (the longest hole is 140 yards downhill).

Bays are available for 75-minute sessions with a maximum of four players per bay, per time slot. Non-players are welcome to join as each hitting bay will include seating for additional guests. Fifteen-minute intermissions will separate sessions, enabling balls to be picked up from the field and redistributed.

Players must bring their own clubs —  nothing longer than a 7-iron due to the relatively shorter distance to the holes.

Each hitting area will have wait staff offering up food, drinks, and ice cold beer for purchase.

Book your tee time today by clicking here, or calling the RockHounds office at (432) 520-2255.

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