Bynum School students travel back in time

Bynum School students travel back in time

Ahead of President’s Day on Monday, Bynum School junior high and high school students recently toured the Bush Family Home in Midland, getting a glimpse into the prestigious family’s rich heritage and legacy.

The students also gained insight into President George W. Bush’s childhood and life in Midland, in part by viewing the museum’s unique collection of artifacts and photographs.

Bynum School is the only yearround school for individuals with disabilities in the Permian Basin. Their visit to the Bush Family Home comes at a historic time.

The museum was recently announced as a Texas State Historic Site. The development brings the number of state historic sites that are actively preserved by the Texas Historical Commission, and includes the creation of the new Bush Family Home Foundation.

“We are thrilled to include the Bush Family Home as a state historic site that will highlight the significance of the Bush family not just to Texas history, but to that of the nation and world,” said Joseph Bell, THC deputy executive director. “It is a unique opportunity to provide visitors a snapshot of home life in the 1950s and ‘60s.”