Casting call in Carlsbad for filming of 'The Promised Land'

Casting call in Carlsbad for filming of ‘The Promised Land’

Interested in becoming an extra in a TV series filming in Carlsbad?

Between 15 and 20 “featured extras” are sought from Oct. 3-6 to support filming of a pilot episode for The Promised Land, a “Biblical mockumentary” that will center on the story of The Exodus.

The show will offer a humorous take on the travels of Moses and the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land. However, it will not make fun of the Bible but will rather use humor to garner interest in and awareness of scripture, according to the show’s website.

We learned about the show’s plans to film in Carlsbad from the city’s mayor Dale Janway, who cited informational material as stating the show “has a pilot budget of $125,000.””Filming will take place near the sand dunes around Hackberry Lake, as well as near Lake Avalon,” Janway said.

He added that Church Street Church of the Nazarene in Carlsbad is providing resources such as a production office to the project.

The project is requesting other community support, including volunteers to support production (passing water bottles to cast and crew, moving tents around for the art department, overnight security etc.); campers and RVs for the basecamp, gators/golf carts; a large canopy tent and a legally procured live quail. Anyone with these items are asked to email

To learn more about how to become an extra in the show, and what that entails, go here.

For more details on the project’s connection to Carlsbad and its goals, read Mayor Janway’s blog post for Sept. 20, 2022, here.