Chevron and Salvation Army partner to provide gifts for over 200 Midland children

Chevron and Salvation Army partner to provide gifts for over 200 Midland children

Two hundred “angels” across Midland will receive gifts from their wish lists this holiday season thanks to a partnership between the Salvation Army of Midland and Chevron.

Chevron workers adopted over 200 children this year and collected items on their holiday wish list. It’s an effort they do every year for the Salvation Army Angel Tree program, but this year they stepped up because of a greater need.

On Tuesday, volunteers from Chevron and the Salvation Army came together to load up all of the collected items for distribution. Newswest9 reported on the story from Chevron’s Midland headquarters. In a scene loosely resembling Santa’s workshop, employees for both Chevron and The Salvation Army diligently worked to ensure the many gifts were packaged and sent to the right places.

“Chevron and the Salvation Army have a rich tradition of working together in the Midland community,” Catie Mathews, Public & Government Affairs Adviser of Chevron, stated in an interview with Newswest9. “We’ve supported the Angel Tree for many years before, but this year they had an extra need, the demand was overwhelming, and they asked us if we could do a little bit more, and so behind me you see the generosity of our employees giving to 200 children across Midland.”

The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program has been blessing children in the community for many years, Midland Salvation Army Capt. Robert Coriston told Newswest9.

“We are going to continue to do that because we think that every kid should wake up to that excitement of toys under the Christmas tree,” Capt. Coriston said.

Mathews says Chevron is excited to continue to support that effort.

“We keep growing and our employee base keeps growing, and we will be giving more and more for years to come,” she said. “And we’re just delighted to have the opportunity to do so.”

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