Chevron proud to support Crane Fledgling Learning Center

Chevron proud to support Crane Fledgling Learning Center

My colleagues and I at the Chevron Mid-Continent Business Unit were both touched and inspired upon seeing photos of children from the Crane Fledgling Learning Center thanking Chevron for our recent donation to the Center.

This has inspired us, in turn, to publicly thank the Center for all that it does to support young people in the Crane community. Located at 700 W 1st St., the Center is a childcare facility providing a wide variety of educational activities in a safe and nurturing environment. The Center partners closely with the Crane Independent School District in serving Crane Elementary School students. The Center has two programs—a pre-kindergarten program to prepare preschool-age children for success in school and an afterschool program that serves children from three years of age through fifth grade.  The Center has an outsized impact in supporting local families in need of these services.

Chevron recently donated $25,000 to Crane ISD to augment their support of the Center. The Center used the funds to complete the roadway and sidewalk in the Center’s playground area, and to purchase new bicycles, gym equipment, Apple iPads, toys and STEM activities, according to the Center’s officials.

“We are grateful for this donation and are already reaping the benefits,” they added.

Our response to that statement is gratitude, as well. We at Chevron are grateful for the critical services that Crane ISD and the Crane Fledgling Learning Center provide to our community’s most precious assets—its young people. We encourage our neighbors and businesses across the Permian Basin to learn more about the Center, and to consider supporting its programs through donations.

Our kids are our future. This is the kind of program that will both enrich their futures, and our own.

Jonathan Harshman is a public and government affairs advisor for Chevron’s Mid-Continent Business Unit.