Chevron’s Stephanie Alvarez a pioneer for women in the oil field

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, NewsWest9 featured one of the pioneering women who are making their mark out in the oil field, helping to produce the critical energy that powers the world.

Stephanie Alvarez serves as an operations advisor for Chevron in Midland. She’s among the roughly quarter of U.S. women who make up the energy workforce, according to NewsWest9, which cited Department of Energy data.

Alvarez serves as an inspiration for a growing number of women who are pursuing oil and gas industry careers.

Her advice: stick with it, because “the future of women in energy is critical.”

“It’s going to be foundational in the way we progress in delivering energy to the world,” Alvarez said.

Check out NewsWest9’s full report on Alvarez’s inspiring career journey here.

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