City of Andrews employee goes 'above and beyond'

City of Andrews employee goes ‘above and beyond’

For Paul Hill, it was just another moment on the job.

But for the citizen watching from her window, Hill’s effort required recognition.

While working for the City of Andrews’ Streets and Sanitation department on Monday, Sept. 26, Hill emptied a dumpster in an alley near Andrews High School.

According to neighbor Judy Bailey, that dumpster becomes full of loose trash after football games, as she says school maintenance uses the dumpster. Typically when the dumpster is emptied in the days following a game, many pieces of trash end up escaping and littering the alley, particularly on windy days, Bailey said.

Bailey, who has lived in her house for 34 years, says she always has to clean it up.

But as she was watching from her window on Sept. 26, Bailey said she saw Hill empty the dumpster, begin to drive off, but then stop suddenly and get out to pick up the trash that had fallen from the dumpster as he was emptying it.

“I’ve never seen anyone do that before,” Bailey said, adding, “I just want to thank the employee for going above and beyond in picking up the trash that didn’t make it into the truck. My husband and I REALLY appreciate it!”

Bailey notified the city and for his efforts, Hill was recognized with the City of Andrews’ Core Value Awards given to employees who have received recognition from coworkers, citizens or supervisors.

Paul Hill