New exhibit at Sibley Nature Center pays tribute to Texas' beauty

New exhibit at Sibley Nature Center pays tribute to Texas’ beauty

A mixed media art show celebrating Texas’ natural flora and fauna is headed for the Sibley Nature Center in Midland.

Elizabeth Dryden, a sixth generation Texan and descendant of Buffalo Bill Cody, will have an artist reception for her exhibition “Creations’ Critters: A Texas Tribute” Tuesday, April 23, from 6-8 p.m. at the nature center.

Dryden said her exhibition is a study on the flora and fauna of Texas, which the artist finds “beautifully creative but also very durable,” with a vast landscape of shapes and colors. Noting that the Permian Basin can have very harsh conditions, she said it’s a “paradox between beauty and strength.”

The artist added she is filled with amazement over God’s creation, especially when looking at a 5’x 5’ piece of land and a variety of grasses and flowers. It’s just endless and especially mind blowing when you consider the wonder of nature on a global scale, she said.

Being a sixth generation Texan with strong family roots in the Permian Basin has inspired Dryden’s art, as has Mr. Cody’s place in her lineage, resulting in Texas wildlife, plants and bison featuring prominently in her work.

The Creations’ Critters exhibition is a mixed media show, with Dryden employing the use of raised and textured paint, cardboard and even some gold leaf, which she finds really “grabs the light.” The artist said her show merges the old west with the new west; bright colors help combine the traditional with the modern. In one recent piece, a raccoon represents the Lone Ranger since the animal has a built-in mask. In another, a coyote becomes Tonto.

Tuesday’s artist’s reception will feature 20-21 Dryden originals, as well as signed and matted prints; art will be on display throughout the nature center. See more of Elizabeth Dryden’s art on Instagram at @elizabethdrydenfineart.

The Sibley Nature Center is located at 1307 E. Wadley in Midland, TX. Questions? Contact (432) 684-6827.

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