Creepiest doll crowned

Creepiest doll crowned

A winner was declared in one of Midland’s more unsettling Halloween-season competitions.

Doll #1 won a close contest with Doll #7 to earn the title of “creepiest doll,” according to the Midland Historical Society.

The MHS challenged the community to visit the Brown-Dorsey Home at 213  N. Weatherford St. to view a portion of its doll collection and learn some mysterious stories about Midland’s past.

During their experience, visitors were asked to cast their vote on creepiest doll and strangest story. The winner, Doll #1, occupied the chest in the front bedroom upstairs.

For the strangest story,  it was no contest — the clear winner was #13, “Murder At the Mansion,” according to MHS.

MHS is encouraging the community to stop by and see the winners. The champion doll and her creepy companions and the strange stories “have hidden themselves throughout the exhibits, so you will have to search a bit to find them,” according to MHS.

“Find them now through December 17,” officials said.

The Midland County History Museum is located at 200 North Texas and opens 11 am to 4 pm Thursday through Saturday.