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Crisis Center’s action-packed camp does wonders for local girls 

They piloted drones, coded, kickboxed, toured the high-tech Integrated Operations Control Center at Chevron’s Midland campus, participated in a robotics competition, and blew up a watermelon using only rubber bands. And that’s only some of the fun activities a group of 22 young girls from the Permian Basin were able to pack in during a four-day period this summer. 

Perhaps this is why they are called “Wonder Girls.” 

Last week, girls entering grades 5 through 8 took part in the 7th Annual Wonder Girls Camp, a day camp that encourages them to embrace STEM education, compassion, strength, creativity, communication and much more. The camp is organized by the Crisis Center of West Texas (CCWTX), which works to end domestic and sexual violence in West Texas. 

“Wonder Girls Camp helps us accomplish that by creating a fun space to provide girls with tools that fuel their curiosity and creativity and activities that empower them to take on the world ahead,” said Hannah Horick, director of education and partnerships for the CCWTX. “Over the last seven years, we’ve seen these young ladies build friendships and grow in so many ways and this year was no exception.” 

The action-packed trip concluded Friday, July 14, with a field trip to Chevron during which featured a panel, 1-on-1 conversations with mentors, the aforementioned tour of Chevron’s Integrated Operations Control Center and an assortment of STEM activities with Chevron mentors. 

Previously during the four-day camp, the girls participated in STEAM activities presented by 8020edu, an El Paso-based team offering STEM and arts programming to girls across West Texas and surrounding areas. The activities included a robotics competition, chess, coding lessons, painting, team-building games and the ever-fun watermelon explosion. 

CCCWTX also led activities aiming to empower the Wonder Girls, including lessons on healthy communication, conflict resolution, and self-esteem to build foundations of healthy relationships. The organization also held a career day with women from a variety of fields and backgrounds. 

And to get the Wonder Girls moving, CCCWTX also organized kickboxing lessons with instructors from Misfits Kickboxing and Fitness, as well as line dance lessons with instructor Beatriz Gonzalez-Fierro. 

“The girls particularly loved the exploding watermelons, any time there was friendly competition, Holly’s geology station, and trying on PPE,” said Horick. “Several of our Team Leaders who are previous campers reported enjoying the opportunity to share their camp experience with the Wonder Girls in their groups – something we on staff love to hear.” 

For more information about CCWTX and Wonder Girl camp, visit the CCWTX website here.