David House’s quiet leadership recognized at Carlsbad Energy Summit

David House’s quiet leadership recognized at Carlsbad Energy Summit

David House is not the kind of leader whose legacy centers on a single, shining moment in the spotlight. Rather, his legacy has been one of quiet, steadfast dedication.

An oil industry veteran, House excels in teamwork, safety, work ethic and reliability as a field data analyst for Chevron. When he’s not on the clock, you might find him teaching Bible study and life skills at Carlsbad Lifehouse, a nonprofit serving people suffering from substance abuse where House has volunteered for many years.

House additionally takes time to attend community events on behalf of Chevron, including the recent Fireman’s Challenge in Carlsbad.

He’s been “a quiet leader in the background,” said Beverly Allen, public and government affairs advisor for Chevron.

“He never brags or boasts about his service.”

“He never brags or boasts about his service,” Allen said.

Unfortunately, House couldn’t escape the spotlight last month. He was among six winners of the “Spirit of the Oilfield Award” at the 2022 Carlsbad Mayor’s Energy Summit last month.

The award recognizes oil industry workers who go above and beyond in the industry and within their communities. This year, a record number of nominations for the award were submitted to the deciding committee for the Summit, which brings together members of the community and energy industry to discuss and collaborate on issues important to all residents of the Permian Basin.

Here are other deserving winners of the 2022 Spirit of the Oilfield Awards:

Dennis Martinez:

Martinez is a regulatory foreman with XTO Energy who is recognized as a global leader in the effort to improve greenhouse gas emissions. He’s also a U.S. Navy veteran who supports veterans activities, cleanups and many other volunteering activities in the community.

Cesar Retana:

Retana is a field service technician with Flogistix who is described as having an unparalleled work ethic and drive that distinguishes him in the company and in the field. When difficult, complex tasks arise, he does not back down or shy away from solving them. Twice, he’s been honored as mechanic of the month. He’s also committed to workplace safety and volunteers at STEM events in Carlsbad.

Frank Fluentes:

Fluentes is a production foreman for XTO Energy who is “committed to the safe operations of XTO water systems.” He’s one to ensure his team returns home safely every day, and he always demonstrates the right way of doing things and works to develop the people who work for him and around him. Off the clock, he volunteers as an assistant wrestling coach at Carlsbad High School.

Darren Wood:

Wood is a pipe-yard supervisor for Mack Chase Energy who is also known for his Chuckwagon BBQs. He’s the type of person willing and able to do whatever it takes for his team to succeed, whether it be digging a trench with a shovel, driving a backhoe or fixing a fence. His mentality is that it takes all hands on deck to achieve a goal, and that every member of the team is as valuable as the next. With 28 years of industry experience, Wood believes anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time.

In addition to the above winners, the Summit recognized New Mexico State police Sgt. Sammy Clouthier, who was nominated by Kodiak Trucking for going above and beyond the call of duty in making sure local businesses understand policies and rules.

“Congratulations to all of our “Spirit of the Oilfield” recipients,” said Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway, who called the award ceremony a highlight of the Summit.

Judges this year included committee members Aaron Emmert, Clint Cone, Anthony Foreman, Cindy Bryan, James Lackey and Tracy Hughes.