Downtown Lovington's businessses compete to raise food donations

Downtown Lovington’s businessses compete to raise food donations

Lovington MainStreet hosted a congenial competition among downtown businesses Sept. 21-Oct. 20, to help boost donations to the Lovington Food Coalition (LFC), which serves people needing food resources in the community.

As part of Lovington MainStreet’s “Downtown Business Showdown: Food Drive Edition,” the downtown business collecting the most food donations for LFC during the allotted time period would score a customized—and sizeable—dancing tube man.

The Showdown came about when Nor-Lea Hospital contacted Lovington MainStreet to share word of their collaboration with LFC—namely, rehabbing a new building for them—and asked if they could “help spread the message,” according to Star McKee of Lovington MainStreet.

In turn, the organization hosted a Showdown and encouraged customers and businesses to donate food items—which were assigned different values. Donated food such as canned soup, beans or vegetables were valued at five points per can; canned fruit, applesauce, canned tuna or chicken were 15 points per item; granola bars, raisins or craisins, peanut or almond butter were 20 points each; and unlisted items were also accepted and valued at one point.

Out of a total of 34 downtown businesses and others that participated, more than 800 items were collected for the Lovington Food Coalition. Which participant emerged victorious? G’s Boutique, located at 200 N. Main in Lovington, NM. The Cornerstone Coffeehouse at 111 N. Main in Lovington, NM, was the proud runner-up.

G’s Boutique owner Diana Gonzalez expressed her appreciation and love for its supporters. “Thank you to everyone who helped us win and donated.”

Overall, LFC received increased food donations and was happy to see the support, according to Lovington MainStreet.

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