ECHS graduate returns to teach at school that inspired her growth

ECHS graduate returns to teach at school that inspired her growth

Lacy Morrow says she was so awkwardly shy while growing up, her family sent her to attend Early College High School (ECHS) at Midland College.

“My mother knew that I would probably be miserable in a large high school,” she said.

Morrow went on to blossom at ECHS, graduating in 2016, according to an interesting new report via Midland College. She overcame her extreme shyness while taking advantage of the opportunity at ECHS to simultaneously earn her high school diploma and an associates degree. All at no cost to her family.

Now, Morrow, carrying two master’s degrees, has returned to her roots as 9th-grade English teacher at ECHS, a Midland ISD school.

She is teaching in the same classroom where her 9th grade teacher, Ms. Miller, told her, ‘in order to write well, one must be well-read.”

“I tell my students those exact same words,” she said.

For just over a year, Morrow has also been an adjunct English professor at Midland College. She’s also recently engaged and a new homeowner in Midland.

“I love sharing my passion for writing and literature with students, and I try to let all my students know that they are important.”

Read Midland College’s full report on Morrow’s inspiring story here.