Ellen Noël Art Museum wants your 'awkward family photos’ for exhibition

Ellen Noël Art Museum wants your ‘awkward family photos’ for exhibition

Every family has them, and now, the Ellen Noël Art Museum wants yours for its March 21 through June 2 “Awkward Family Photos: The Exhibition.”

In a traveling exhibition that opened to record attendance at the Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wis. in 2012, Awkward Family Photos: The Exhibition now comes to the Ellen Noël Art Museum. The museum said it celebrates “the perfectly imperfect moments that come with the family experience,” while providing a place for people to take comfort in the fact that their family is not alone.

Remember the photo where the baby’s arm is about to get nibbled on by a horse? Or how about the ones capturing your son’s Mohawk haircut phase or adorable daughter’s diabolical grin? The museum wants them all, and encourages families to send the photos in by June 2 for a spotlight at the museum and possible social media fame.

The collection of photos in the exhibition features more than 200 awkward family photos arranged in vintage, era-appropriate frames and hilarious ‘behind the awkwardness’ stories, according to the museum.

To submit awkward family photos to the museum, send them to

The Ellen Noël Art Museum is located at 4919 E. University Blvd. in Odessa. Questions? Contact (432) 550-9696.

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