Experiment created by Midland students joins Space X launch

Experiment created by Midland students joins Space X launch

Alyssa Urbina traveled to Florida last week to witness a SpaceX launch. But the rocket wasn’t the only thing she wanted to see lift off into outer space.

Alyssa was part of a team of Midland High School students that created a science experiment that will be tested at the International Space Station (ISS). The experiment boarded the NASA SpaceX rocket for its 30th commercial resupply mission. The cargo spacecraft launched Thursday, March 21, and docked at the ISS early Saturday, March 23, according to NASA.

Alyssa and schoolmates Catalina Rodriguez and Ulisses Hernandez made the science experiment during the Go For Launch program in the fall of 2022. Selected to be launched to the ISS, their experiment involves testing the iron levels of fruit flies based on various diets. The ultimate purpose of the experiment is to see if adjusting an astronaut’s diet could reduce the effects of microgravity on bone density.

Midland High student experiment joins SpaceX-30 journey to ISS“The whole process has been a really cool opportunity to use our own creativity and do our own research on a topic we love,” said Alyssa, who aims to pursue aerospace engineering in college.

The Midland ISD lauded the student team for its success, and also credited Midland Development and Chevron for being instrumental in bringing Go For Launch to Midland.

Recently, Legacy High student Briana Ortiz was selected to attend the International Space School in Australia after participating in Midland Go For Launch.

Go For Launch aims to “launch” student involvement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM.

“This project aligns itself with the growing space industry in West Texas surrounding the Midland International Air and Space Port at the Spaceport Business Park,” the school district stated.

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