Hawaiian Bros aim to bring aloha spirit to Midland

Hawaiian Bros bringing aloha spirit to Midland

Hawaiian Bros is scheduled for a grand opening in Midland on Monday, Dec. 11.

This is the island-inspired company’s first franchise to locate in Midland. The address is 3320 W Loop 250 N.

Hawaiian Bros is known for its traditional plate lunch, which includes a variety of chicken or pork glazed with sweet, savory or spicy sauces; macaroni salad, a bed of fluffy steamed white rice or vegetables; and for dessert, Dole Soft Serve.

The plate lunch is an important part of Hawaii’s history. In the 1880s, many of the laborers in Hawaii’s pineapple and sugar plantations came from Asian nations with diverse culinary traditions.

“The workers’ lunches usually consisted of leftover meat from the night before alongside rice,” representatives of Hawaiian Bros said.

The plate lunch grew in popularity in the 1950s and today remains an essential part of Hawaiian culture.

Hawaiian Bros touts that it doesn’t rely on freezers or microwaves for its simple menu, which is “prepared with the highest quality, freshest ingredients.”

Two days before the Dec. 9 grand opening, Hawaiian Bros is inviting first responders, medical personnel, academic staff, students or local business employees to join a VIP Event to receive a free plate lunch. More on that event here.

To learn more about Hawaiian Bros and its offerings, visit here.

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