‘Hike with a Homeless Pet’ at Sibley Nature Center

‘Hike with a Homeless Pet’ at Sibley Nature Center

Sibley Nature Center is teaming up with Grand Companions, which offers pet adoption and related services, for “Hike with a Homeless Pet” Thursday, April 4 from 9-10 a.m. in Midland.

The nature center encouraged community members on Facebook to “Come on out for puppies and blooms; it’s about to get cute out on the trails.” They also noted that, for Easter—or any day—a puppy makes a great surprise instead of a chicken or a rabbit.

Hike with a Homeless Pet ultimately aims to help animals find new homes, in this case dogs. By appealing for help from residents and tourists to take shelter dogs for hikes, everyone gets exercise and the canine companions receive much-needed interactions with their four-legged and human friends. Participants might even get a chance to witness some zoomies.

If special connections are made, people can start the adoption process. Check out a video about the hikes and learn more about adoptions.

The Sibley Nature Center is located at 1307 E .Wadley Ave. in Midland, TX. For more information, contact Grand Companions at (432) 426-3724 or Sibley Nature Center at (432) 684-6827.

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