Hobbs Public Library honors 'Family of the Year'

Hobbs Public Library honors ‘Family of the Year’

The Hobbs Public Library has named the Fielders, who include parents Brent and Gabby, their 4-year-old Leo and 2-year-old June, as its 2023 “Family of the Year.”

Librarians Grace and Jamie nominated the Fielders, noting that Gabby began bringing Leo and June to their storytimes.

“Gabby encourages her children to be active and participate in all library activities,” the librarians stated in their nomination form. “She advocates for the library and understands the importance of being an active role  model in her children’s lives.”

During the summer, when the Library isn’t offering the Summer Reading program, the Fielders continue to visit as much as they can to play in its maker space area and to keep familiar with the Library.

“We love seeing Leo and Junie come down the stairs eager to learn and play,” said Grace and Jamie.

Head Librarian Nicki Lawless expressed appreciation for the families and patrons “that make our days better.”

“The Fielder family is one such family,” Lawless said. “Gabby’s smile is contagious, the children are courteous and eager to learn, and library staff look forward to the family’s weekly visits.”

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