LHS student takes top prize at statewide Crime Stoppers art contest

Midland student takes top prize at statewide Crime Stoppers art contest

Legacy High School senior Mariah Iacovone’s artwork won first place in the recent Texas Crime Stoppers Conference, earning her a $400 cash prize.

Iocovone’s award-winning piece, a drawing created with colored pencils that captures topical elements such as police officers, the Crime Stoppers app and a West Texas sunset, will be on display at the Texas Crime Stoppers office at the State Capitol in Austin, according to MISD.

On its way to the State Capitol, Iocovone’s design also earned first place in the Midland Crime Stoppers art contest during the spring of 2023. It then went on to be submitted at the state conference.

The young artist is also pursuing other goals by participating in the Health Sciences pathway offered through MISD’s Career and Technical Education program of study. She’s set her sights on attending Midland College this fall, then plans to move on to a university to study pre-med and ultimately become an anesthesiologist. Along the way, Iocovone plans to continue her art studies.

Add to that impressive game plan the fact that Iocovone is legally blind in one eye. She said she never let that stop her from pursuing her dreams.

“I was thrilled, and honestly surprised, when I found out that my artwork had been selected,” the student said. “Art has always been my passion, and I’m excited about what’s next.”

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