Midland County judge ‘pardons’ jaywalking puppy

Midland County 441st District Court Judge Jeff Robnett says he pardoned a “rebellious” puppy for jaywalking today. Most importantly, the judge helped locate the lost pooch’s owner.

It all started in the parking lot of the courthouse. Judge Robnett reported on Facebook that he found the puppy under his truck and asked his followers to share the post with the hope of finding its owner. About 15 minutes later, the judge reported that the owner of the puppy, named Chico, had been found. In two subsequent posts, Judge Robnett shared an adorable photo of Chico on the witness stand being asked to swear to tell the whole truth, along with an additional photo of the dog being reunited with its owner.

The judge had documented the case so well, that his office created a timeline of events for the “pardoned” puppy, as seen below.

“The good news – Parking lot Pup aka Chico is free to go after spending his day in court,” the Midland County Sheriff’s Office reported on Facebook.