Midland Health and Boy Scouts partner to inspire future healthcare professionals

Midland Health and Boy Scouts inspire future healthcare professionals

A collaboration between Midland Health and the Boy Scouts of America aims to inspire local high school students to pursue careers in healthcare.

Launched last year, the partnership created Medical Explorers Post 1950, which provides students ages 14 to 18 with immersive experiences in medical settings.

As of the end of 2023, 26 students were members of the Explorers Post, according to Midland Health. They participate in a range of activities designed to offer a comprehensive view of the industry, such as hands-on medical simulations with advanced technologies like the daVinci Robot, as well as informational sessions about medical specialties.

“With the Medical Explorers program, we are exposing high school students to several possible careers in healthcare,” said Wes Barnt, VP of Ancillary Services at Midland Health. “We are planting seeds today for what will hopefully result in the next generation of nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, radiologic technologists, pharmacists, clinical lab scientists, and other healthcare careers at Midland Health.”

Chelsea Zubia, Explorer Secretary, said the program has helped her “learn, grow, and make connections with medical professionals.”

“I am extremely grateful for my mentors Mr. Wes and Mr. Kit,” she said.

Presley Forbes, president of Post 1950, joined because of her 9th grade health science teacher.

“She always pushed me to do whatever I dreamed of doing and had complete confidence in the plans I’ve created,” Forbes said. “The Medical Explorers leaders do a fantastic job at creating a fun environment for students to grow and create friendships while also taking the next step towards their dreams in the medical field.”

Medical Explorer Post meetings are held on Sunday afternoons starting a 2 p.m. in the Private Dining Room at the Main Campus. For more information about the Medical Explorers, visit here.

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