Midland Legacy High FFA travels north with seven trailers of supplies for wildfire victims

Midland Legacy FFA travels north with seven trailers of supplies for wildfire victims

Students and staff from the Midland Legacy High FFA program headed to the pandhandle today with seven trailers of food and supplies to help fellow agriculture families impacted by the Smokehouse Creek wildfire.

Once the donations are delivered, volunteers will help rescue livestock stranded by the fire, according to Midland ISD.

As part of the fundraising effort, a Legacy High freshman named Mady helped inspire a local church to spring into action. On Thursday, Mady told members of the First Presbyterian Church of Midland that the Legacy FFA chapter was collecting relief supplies to take to the Fretch ISD FFA chapter.

The church reported that its local mission ministry convened via email and approved sponsoring a $10,000 shopping spree at Tractor Supply. Members of the Legacy FFA department were then able to purchase donations they felt were needed to finish filling up their trailers.

The seven trailers headed to the panhandle includes a whole trailer of hay headed to the disaster area.

“Our contribution was a small part of the total,” church representatives said. “Everyone mobilized quickly and worked together to love our neighbors up north. Thank you to the teachers and students and Midlanders who spent their day getting these supplies together… and to our church family for so generously giving so that we can quickly respond to needs like this when they arise.”

Added Midland ISD,”Thanks to everyone who donated to help pack trailers with food and supplies…We are so thankful that MISD students and staff care about others in their time of greatest need!”

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