Nonprofit unveils ‘Girl with Balloons’ sculpture in Midland

Nonprofit unveils ‘Girl with Balloons’ sculpture in Midland

Suspense is growing over a new sculpture, “Girl with Balloons,” that the nonprofit, Keep Midland Beautiful, installed recently at Wall and Front Streets in the city.

Tall City residents are not only curious about the name of the artist who created the sculpture, but also why it was installed there and other questions. The good news? Answers are coming soon from Keep Midland Beautiful. “Information about the artist, why Keep Midland Beautiful put the sculpture there and more is forthcoming,” stated the nonprofit on its Facebook page.

The nonprofit did reveal that it hired an artist to create Girl with Balloons. Other details came from NewsWest9 yesterday, which said that the sculpture “was created entirely with recycled materials” and that “some finishing touches” still need to be done. The station reported an official ceremony for the sculpture will occur in the next couple of weeks.

Funding support for the sculpture project originated from the Bryant Family Foundation and Arts Council of Midland—as well as Keep Midland Beautiful, per the nonprofit, which also gave a shout-out to the City of Midland and the Texas Department of Transportation “for their help with the project.”

Learn more about Keep Midland Beautiful here.

Photo credit: Keep Midland Beautiful Facebook page.