Odessa couple creates ‘sweet life’ at Power Sweets

Odessa couple creates ‘sweet life’ at Power Sweets

Odessa businessman Chris Ruiz has not only blazed trails as the co-owner of Power Sweets, but also as a winner at the 2023 NPC Southwest USA Fitness Expo in Arlington, TX, per the City of Odessa on Facebook.

Ruiz won both first and fourth place in the competition’s men’s Physique categories earlier this month at the Esports Stadium Arlington & Expo Center.

Ruiz and his fiancée Gabriella Carrbajal are also creating a “sweet life for themselves,” per the City, at their store, Power Sweets, where they sell protein sweets, supplements and meal preps. The business opened last year and is certified by the health department.

The couple embarked on their Odessa business journey by making healthy protein donuts that they sold from the back of their car at gyms, according to the City. The business grew from their car to their house, leading them to open a local storefront.

The couple works “extremely long hours but the love they have for each other and their business keeps them motivated,” per the City. They plan to get married next year in the spring.

The City said that Chris and Gabriella “love giving back to the community” and that their favorite thing about Odessa is the people.

Community members can find Power Sweets at 3820 Andrews Highway in Odessa. Questions? Call (432) 276-0469.