Odessa firefighter honored for saving baby's life

Odessa firefighter honored for saving baby’s life

Stopped at a traffic light, Arisbeth Hernandez Chavira’s baby boy wasn’t breathing. Her sister told her to signal to a firefighter that happened to be turning at the intersection.

Not only did that firefighter stop, he would save her son’s life.

This week, the City of Odessa honored Daniel Chavez, assistant chief for Odessa Fire Rescue, for his swift actions that saved a life.

Chavira remembers exiting the vehicle with her son and pleading to Chavez for help.

The assistant fire chief instructed her to follow him to Fire Station 4. Both she and her sister thought her baby was dead, as he had stopped breathing and his skin’s color was changing.

“I gave my son to him,” she said. “I think he was giving him oxygen.”

Chavez then told her, “He’s OK. Your baby came back.”

“Thankfully, we ran into each other at God’s will, and I was able to give him the rescue breaths, and that got his heart rate back up as well,” the assistant fire chief said.

Chavez reunited with Arisbeth and her son weeks after the incident.

“I’m very thankful, I owe a lot to him,” Arisbeth said.

At the time of the incident, Chavez was on his own, as all firefighters and units were out on a call when he came to the station, according to Fire Rescue Chief Cotton.

All Odessa firefighters must all be paramedics, which isn’t the case in all cities.

“He was calm, put all his training into play and the outcome was perfect,” Chief Cotton said.

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