Odessa native Marcos Covos wows judges on The Voice, Season 23

Odessa native Marcos Covos wows judges on The Voice, Season 23

Odessa native Marcos Covos impressed the nation with his moving rendition of Selena’s “Tú, Solo Tú” on The Voice Season 23, which aired Tuesday night on NBC.

As his family watched in excitement during the blind audition, singer-songwriter Kelly Clarkson was the first among the four celebrity judges to turn her chair, calling his performance “beautiful.” Country music star Blake Shelton would also turn his chair to signal his interest in having Covos join his team on the show.

Covos’ response to the show of support: “OMG.”

“Your vibrado was crazy, your sustained notes when you didn’t have vibrado and leaned into it, it was so gorgeous,” Clarkson said. “I’m such a fan of you.”

Covos replied that he’s been singing along to Clarkson’s music since he was “this big.”

Shelton agreed Covos’ voice is “incredible.”

“Just seeing the audience reaction, that was like, I don’t know what’s going on back here, but I know it’s damn good and I want to be a part of it,” Shelton said.

Chance the Rapper went on to call Covos’ talent “amazing,” while Irish singer-songwriter Niall Horan expressed regret for not turning his chair.

Covos, 30, who was born and raised in Odessa and now lives in Dallas, chose Clarkson as his coach for the season. In addition to the celebrity judges and audience, Covos also received a rousing ovation from his supporters from Odessa High School, his alma mater, which posted on social media, “Odessa Native Marcos Covos turned some chairs this evening. #brochopride #AlumniSpotlight.”

Covos is a photographer, creative director and owner of Marcos Covos Photography, and founder of Covos Haus, Covos Magazine and Covos Haus Studio, according to the bio at He said a love of decorating events, which led to interior decorating and then decorating sets for photographers, inspired him to pursue photography. His very first publication in photography came in May 2020. Since then, his works have made it into dozens of publications and numerous front covers, both national and international. Some of his works for top brands can be viewed at his website here.

After his performance on The Voice, Clarkson made it a point to state that Covos is Texan, which prompted Shelton to poke fun at Clarkson, “He didn’t leave his home state like you did.” Clarkson responded by saying she has to live in Los Angeles, as “I have to live here, I have a TV show and I have children, they have to be in school.”

“They have schools in Texas,” Shelton pointed out.