City of Odessa touts guide to its ‘magnificent murals’

Odessa offers guide to its magnificent murals

The City of Odessa took to Facebook over Labor Day weekend to make a suggestion about one way to enjoy the holiday and beyond: By checking out the city’s magnificent murals.

“If you’re looking for something to do today, you could walk around downtown and admire our magnificent murals or take a picture in front of one,” the City posted, noting that the murals are unique to the City of Odessa.

Check out the Discover Odessa site for a guide to 18 city murals, which depict the city’s history, culture and way of life. The murals span the gamut from larger-than-life portraits of famous residents to vibrant abstract designs, each relaying a unique revelation about Odessa and its people, per Discover Odessa.

Check out the guide to local murals, including the artist, name of the mural, its story and location, here.