Odessa parents launch ‘The Averi Foundation’ after losing daughter to cancer

Odessa parents turned “pain into purpose” after losing their 5-year-old daughter to cancer

After their daughter Averi passed away in August 2020, Erica and Avimael Quiñones turned immense tragedy into an inspiring journey of helping other children facing similar health challenges, the City of Odessa reports. To date, the Averi Foundation has helped over 12 children, thanks to the generosity of donors.

Averi was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2020 and she passed away the same year. While she battled her illness, her parents set up a GoFundMe to support medical expenses. But it wasn’t easy. While Erika continued working at a pharmacy, the pandemic had rendered Avimael unemployed.

Thousands of compassionate people supported the Quiñones’ difficult journey. Now, they are trying to return the favor by supporting other struggling families with their fledgling foundation.

“With a commitment to expanding their reach, the Quiñones family organizes fundraising activities, ensuring the legacy of a little girl who embodied dedication and resilience continues to impact lives,” said officials with City of Odessa, which first reported on this story. “Their sole objective is to give back to the community, acknowledging that the parents and families of children battling illness often endure severe economic hardships.”

To learn more about The Averi Foundation and to make a donation, visit its website and its Facebook page.