Odessa pays tribute to owner of enduring record store 'Endless Horizons'

Odessa pays tribute to owner of enduring record store Endless Horizons

“Endless Horizons.” It’s a fitting name for a record store that is still going strong after 48 years — even in the digital age.

The City of Odessa recently gave a well-deserved shout out to Sam Logan, owner of Endless Horizons Records & Tapes Inc. at 2525 Andrews Hwy., next to Odessa College.

Logan’s father, Tom, opened “Endless Horizons” on July 13, 1975. Following in his footsteps, Logan has owned the shop for 10 years, according to the city, noting the artwork wrapped around the building makes the business “unique and stand out.”

Yourbasin news featured Endless Horizons in a 2021 report. Logan told the publication that it “felt natural” to continue his dad’s legacy. Some shoppers had been coming to the store since it opened, and they’re now bringing their kids and grandkids, he noted in the story. In a mostly digital world, Logan said he felt that people still enjoy the experience of holding something in their hands.

“Sam says Odessa has made great strides when it comes to music and art,” Odessa officials said, adding that Logan’s favorite place in the city is Ector Theatre. “Of course, his hope is that continues to grow!”

For updates on Endless Horizons, visit its Facebook page here and Instagram here.

Photo via Facebook