Odessa sports community makes TD dream a reality for Billy Young

Billy Young, who is legally blind and autistic, scored a massive touchdown run on Saturday.

“I was kind of scared that I wouldn’t make it,” Billy told a CBS7 reporter after the TD. “But I made it.”

The epic score took place at Crockett Middle School in Odessa. Billy never thought he’d get to hold a football in an end zone celebration.

He’s a big a football fan. Because of his disabilities, he can’t play.

On Saturday, however, the football programs at Crockett and Bonham middle schools and Odessa High School banded together to get him on the field.

“This is a way for our team to give back and help that dream become a reality for this young man,” Crockett Middle School Athletic Director and Football Coach Michel Docktor said.

The heartwarming TD occurred right before Crockett hosted Bonham in the final game of the season. Both teams lined up behind Billy and when the ball was handed off to him, he ran for the end zone with all players following him.

Billy also received a signed jersey donated by the Odessa High football program, and a game ball signed by coaching staff, Docktor said.

Shawn Carrasco, who leads the youth DGK program of which Young is a camp leader, says Young had been unable to join a church camp because his disabilities were considered a liability. Carrasco says he and his son Phillip, a Crockett player, have become best friends with Young. Carrasco says he was touched at the generosity of Ector County ISD community, and proud that Phillip handed the ball off to Young in Saturday’s TD run, calling it “his best play and hand off ever.”

“Like I told some of the kids from Bonham and Crockett, this is the kind of power you have,” Carrasco said. “You didn’t just affect the life of the kid, but the whole community. This is something you could do every day. This is what DGK teaches.”

Billy praised Carrasco for helping him “feel like I can do anything I can put my mind to.”

“This is what it’s all about,” Docktor told Crockett players in a lockerroom talk Saturday. “It’s not about the game, it’s not about the score. It’s about what we can do to help those that need help, and help our community.”