Odessa’s ‘Engineer of Expression’ enhances cityscape through his work & art

Odessa’s ‘Engineer of Expression’ enhances cityscape through his work and art

Yervand Hmayakyan is not just a dedicated city engineer for the City of Odessa, he’s also an artist who is helping to beautify the city through his sculptural geometric artwork.

The city recently gave praised Hmayakyan, who has worked for them for 25 years managing capital improvements, floodplains, water distribution, sewer collection models, construction projects and developments in his role as a city engineer. He was called the “engineer of expression,” offering a glimpse of his artwork around the city.

The city shared that Hmayakyan is the artists behind various local geometric sculptures, including the red architectural pieces at the intersection of University and JBS Parkway, and other works he calls “pipe art” that are on display at 87th and Andrews Highway.

The inspiration for Hmayakyan’s art? His wife, Annie, which the City credited with being the muse behind his red geometric sculptures. As the husband and wife drove around town one day, Annie suggested to her husband that he add something to the University and JBS Parkway to enhance it. Thus was born the artist’s foray into creating geometric sculptures.

“I find joy in making others happy through my creative work,” said Hmayakyan to the City.

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