Photo by Antony Robinson on Scopio

Outdoor waterpark proposed for Pecos

A survey is trying to guage community members’ interest in an outdoor waterpark in Pecos.

“Reeves County has retained Hotel & Leisure Advisors to conduct a feasibility study for an outdoor waterpark in Pecos,” the County said. “As part of the study, we are seeking input from the local community to better understand the needs and preferences of the community.”

Officials are considering locating the park in one of three areas: adjacent to Maxey Park and Pecos Splash Pad; adjacent to Reeves County Recreation Center; and adjacent to Cyclone Ballparks.

The survey asks residents about their level of interest in a waterpark, how often they’d visit one, types of waterpark features they’d be interested in, from mat racer slides to tube slides to aqua play slides with a dumping bucket, and how much they’d be willing to spend to enter the waterpark.

To take the survey, go here.