January 432-755-1731 Pecos Lion's Club Red Diamond Poker Tournament: I’m rhe communication ofer for Pecos Downtown Lions Club. First year putting an even like this to raise fund sf orrscholarshipf or senciorn in s2023 Run a poker tournament, hooefull it will become an annual thing, l ookign for people to buyin, we were hoping we would get groups, some of the oild field companies, either want to sponsor donating, buying in, maybe some teams wanting to submit, play an d participate, takes place Oct. 8. It takes place on Oct. 8, 10 a.m., and then of course it will run until the e tire tournoan is over, estimate 4 p.m, will be in Pecos, and it’s a 250 dolalr buy in for single player, group bu9y in for 9 charis, 2,000. We do have spectator tickets. One of our members, he is actually really big into pker tournenat that raise fund s for mpoel friends with dealers to volunteer time to help out with this evente, they will be coming down from Dallas, few palce in Texas to help out on that day. We basically just sell out all our chirs, biggest earners for the year if we can get all these charis sold. Hoping to help with at least 4 scholarhsip, distributed all around our area, including pecos, reeves county, bell maray, pecos Barstow … Pecos Dowenotn Linons club, about 80 years we’ve been around, basically sponsoring scholarship for this schools since their inception, along with various things, lions clubis known for providing glasses to people who might not be able to afford htem, collecting glasses, refurbishing them for people who might need them, donatios, lk eyeglasses, or monetary donations uesse for communthh, turn it oarund for scholarhsips,…I was just noticied about young girl who didn’t have shcol, clothes and we were bale to raise funds for her to start school with a new wardrow. Anywon we can do to help the ocmt, we’r alsways willing to step up to the plate.

Pecos poker tournament to raise funds for student scholarships

By playing a hand at the Pecos Downtown Lions Club’s “Red Diamond Poker Tournament” on Saturday, Oct. 8, you will also be lending a hand to local students pursuing college degrees.

Members of Permian Basin communities are encouraged to take part in a tournament that will raise funds for scholarships for local high school seniors at The Social Lodge at 1510 W. 3rd St. in Pecos.

Professional dealers from around the state have volunteered to support the inaugural tournament, which will start at 10 a.m. Entry for a single player is $250, while group buy-ins for nine chairs is $2,000. Spectator tickets are offered for $5, as well.

Proceeds from the tournament will fund scholarships for seniors in 2023, according to January Zermeno, communications officer for the Pecos Downtown Lions Club. The club hopes to provide at least four scholarships to students in and around Pecos.

The poker tournament could become among the club’s largest earners of the year if all chairs are sold, Zermeno said. The event was inspired by a club member who is active in the poker community and who is friends with professional dealers from Dallas and other parts of the state.

The Pecos Downtown Lions Club has been sponsoring scholarships for local schools since its inception about 80 years ago. The club supports the local community in a variety of other ways, from monetary donations for local causes to providing and repairing prescription eyeglasses for community members in need.

In a recent example of the club’s work, Zermeno said she was noticed about a young girl who didn’t have clothes to wear at the start of school.

“We were able to raise funds for her to start school with a new wardrobe,” Zermeno said. “Anything we can do to help the community, we’re always willing to step up to the plate.”

To learn more about the Pecos Downtown Lions Club and ways one can support its efforts, visit its website here.