Pecos restocks 'Trail of Giving' pantries to support people in need

Pecos restocks ‘Trail of Giving’ pantries to support people in need

The City of Pecos announced Monday that the ‘Trail of Giving” pantries have been restocked with books, non-perishable food items and toiletries for those in need of these items.

In September 2020, Pecos unveiled its program of Free Little Libraries and Free Little Pantries, which encourages people who need the items to take them. The program also encourages donations from the community to keep them filled.

The little libraries and pantries are located at Rocket Park, 2721 Moore St; Pecos PD, 172 Raul Florez Blvd.; Tellez Family Park, 5th and Orange St.; Saragosa Park, 5th and Locust St.; and City Hall, 115 W. 3rd St.