Public-private partnership brings fire safety trailer to Eddy County

A new fire safety trailer will educate the public on fire safety and prevention in Eddy County.

Eddy County Fire and Rescue (ECFR) recently acquired the 29-foot community fire safety trailer, which features multiple interactive exhibits that simulate real-life fire scenarios. Exhibits include a kitchen fire simulation, a smoke-filled room and a fire extinguisher training session.

“The trailer will be available for community events, school visits, and other public gatherings,” said Joshua Mack, Eddy County fire chief. “Our goal is to partner with our community to assure our citizens are capable of managing an emergency until help arrives. With this tool and our fire extinguisher and smoke detector installation program, we feel we can accomplish that goal to prevent severe injury and death.”

The trailer was funded with $150,000 in capital overlay, along with a $130,000 donation from Chevron’s Carlsbad operations and $44,000 from Eddy County.

District 66 Rep. Jimmy Mason said the project “shows the cooperation of our legislature and the private industry.”

“Chevron is a great supporter of our community. It’s amazing what we can get done when we bring all of our resources together,” Rep. Mason said. “I think this will be a great asset for our school system and teaching our children about fire safety. Now we just need to make sure it is put to good use!”

Added former Sen. Gay Kernan, “Our schoolchildren will have a hands-on opportunity to prepare for any fire emergency in their home. Including workplace fire preparedness only enhances the usefulness of the trailer.”

Jason Rosander, Chevron’s Permian Basin emergency management advisor, said Chevron is proud help bring this new resource to the community.

“Chevron is proud to collaborate with Eddy County in educating the public on fire safety and prevention, and this trailer will do that in a unique and interactive way,” Rosander said.