Rambo 'spoiled' and 'putting on weight' in well-deserved retirement

Rambo ‘spoiled, putting on weight’ in well-deserved retirement

“I didn’t come to rescue Rambo from you. I came here to rescue you from him.”

That line from “Rambo,” the popular action-thriller movie series, does well to describe the career of an Odessa police dog who shares the name.

After seven years with OPD, Rambo, the highly effective police canine, recently retired at the “old” age of 11, according to the city. His handler, 19-year OPD veteran Gabby Aguayo, described Rambo as an incredible tracker and one of the best narcotics dogs who assisted on numerous drug busts. She recalled intense moments on assignment him.

“She remembers an incident where a vehicle hit a barbed wire fence west of I-20,” the city states. “Rambo was able to chase down two of the criminals.” Aguayo said the criminals saw Rambo and “just gave up.”

The good news is Aguayo is prepped for a wonderful retirement. Typically, the handler buys the dog for $1. The purchase is made in order to take the liability off of the city.

So far, Rambo is enjoying his retirement.

“He’s spoiled and has put on some weight,” Aguayo said.

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