Reeves County Library seeks support for Summer Reading Program

Reeves County Library seeks support for Summer Reading Program

The Reeves County Library is on the lookout for energetic individuals to present in its Summer Reading Program for local youth.

“If you belong to an organization that can engage kids in fun activities or help them create cool crafts while educating them, then we would love to hear from you,” said Daniel Alvarado, director of digital media at Reeves County.

The theme for this year’s Summer Reading Program is Beach Party, “but we’re happy to deviate from it if you have something special to share,” Alvarado said.

The program seeks props to borrow to make its Beach Party set-up a success. See the list of items the Library would love to borrow below. The scene completion date will be on or before May 1.

“Let’s work together to create an unforgettable summer experience for the kids,” Alvarado said.

To learn more about the Beach Party Scene build, contact 432-755-0914.

List of items Reeves County would love to borrow:

Swim Gear/Clothing Beach Furniture/Access. Decorations
flippers Lounge chairs Leis
diving mask New/gently used beach towels Palm Trees
snorkel Tiki torch Kiddie pools
Boogie board Grass hut Flip-flops
Surfboard Volleyballs and volleyball nets Plastic pineapples/tropical fruit
Diving suit Beach umbrella Seaweed
Bathing suits – swim trunks Shells, coral, starfish (plastic or real)
Sunglasses Sea animals – plastic or stuffed animals
Beach hats Beach balls
Sand castle molds
Pictures of beach scenes, jet skis