Safe Haven Baby Box being installed at Carlsbad Fire Department

Safe Haven Baby Box being installed at Carlsbad Fire Department

A Safe Haven Baby Bob is being installed at the Carlsbad Fire Department at 401 South Halagueño St. and is slated to be operational on Oct. 21, according to Mayor Dale Janway’s latest newsletter report.

A dedication ceremony is planned for Oct. 21, said the mayor, who thanked officials with the City of Carlsbad and the State of New Mexico for helping to fund the installation. The mayor additionally thanked Monica Kelsey and others with Safe Haven Baby Boxes “for turning this vision into a reality and providing a safe way of helping innocent children.”

A Baby Box is an environmentally controlled incubator device designed to keep an infant secure and safe. In addition, its technology immediately alerts authorities about the presence of the baby, so they can respond immediately to provide care. Under New Mexico’s Safe Haven Law, a mother in crisis is legally permitted to safely, securely and anonymously surrender their newborn if they are unable to care for them.

Janway said staff training will precede the installation of the Safe Haven Baby Box. He also said it is important that the program offer 24-hour counseling and assistance to mothers.

“The Safe Haven box is a last resort, but it is important and may save a life,” Janway said.

In Hobbs, the Safe Haven Baby Box did, in fact, save a life. In May, a Baby Box was installed at  the city’s Fire Station 1. Last month, a baby was placed safe and sound inside the incubated compartment of the Baby Box. As soon as the Baby Box’s compartment door closed, the Box’s safety alarm notified staff within the building, key personnel and dispatch. The newborn was immediately transported to a local hospital for examination and treatment. Hobbs City Manager Manny Gomez called the incident “a miracle.”

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