Stranger pays Olive Garden diners' bill after seeing them pray before meal

Stranger pays Olive Garden diners’ bill after seeing them pray for meal

A prayer for a meal at Olive Garden Italian Restaurant led to a random act of kidness for a Midland couple this week.

Digital Creator Christina Chavez Reyes posted to social media about the brief and touching encounter that occurred Thursday night.

Per tradition, Reyes said she and her husband prayed quietly over their food after it was brought by the server. Meanwhile, a man dining alone nearby was nearing the end of his meal.

“We start eating our food and about 10ish mins into eating and talking, the man beside us finishes his food, stands up and comes over to our table and asks us, ‘how are ya’ll doing this evening?,'” recounted Reyes. “To which, we respond, ‘oh, we’re doing great, thank you!’

“Then he says, ‘I just wanted to say I appreciated ya’ll praying for your food, and I wanted to treat ya’ll to dinner,’ as he places a $50 bill on the table, smiles and begins to walk away. Of course, we’re trying to kindly stop him and tell him we can’t accept, but he was quick and already gone.'”

Reyes struggled to fight back tears.

“They didn’t come from sadness, but from feeling the beautiful power and presence of God,” she said. “There. In such an unexpected place. At an unexpected moment. Just 2 people, praying over our food. And that shows me that there’s always someone watching.”

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