Taco Villa and Texas Burger does its part to 'Keep Andrews Beautiful'

Taco Villa and Texas Burger does part to ‘Keep Andrews Beautiful’

The line of cars wrapped around Taco Villa and Texas Burger in Andrews should provide an indication that this over 50-year-old business offers an award-winning food experience.

More recently, the eatery at 1107 N Main St. was awarded for a different reason — for keeping Andrews beautiful.

Taco Villa and Texas Burger is the recipient of the Keep Andrews Beautiful (KAB) Business Recognition Program in October.

While the food “is as great as the customer service,” the property also boasts “pristine landscaping,” according to the city.

The city and KAB thanked Taco Villa and Texas Burger for “regularly maintaining their property and keeping it free of litter, dirt and debris.” The effort ensures public right-of-ways bordering the property are regularly maintained.

Bobby D. Cox bought the first Texas Burger from the Copen family in Odessa, and its success paved the way for expansion into Taco Villa and Rosa’s Cafe. He owns and operates eight Texas Burger restaurants in Odessa, Midland, Andrews, and San Angelo, and has built and operated over 100 restaurants in Texas and New Mexico. For more information about the business, go here.