Thriving Midland charms national magazine writer

Thriving Midland charms national magazine writer

A Business Insider reporter recently visited Midland to view first-hand the impacts of a thriving oil and energy industry that has attracted an influx of young people to the city.

As reported in Mayor Lori Blong’s 2023 State of the City address early this year, Midland is seeing substantial growth in employment thanks in large part to a 366 percent increase in Permian oil and gas production over the last 10 years. The booming economy has attracted millennials and in particular young families, as over 66 percent of Midland’s population is under age 40, and the city’s largest demographic is the 0-4 age group, the mayor said.

Business Insider recently sent reporter Alcynna Lloyd to Midland to witness the growth, and to determine “why half of the city’s homeowners are millennials.” Lloyd, a Dallas resident, met with locals including Mayor Blong, Chamber of Commerce head Bobby Burns and a young local businessman. She visited numerous popular sites, such as City Hall, Centennial Park, Petroleum Club of Midland, Far West Coffee, and The Tailgate.

Lloyd’s overall impression is that she understands why millennials are flocking to Midland.

“Contrary to my prior beliefs, I found Midland to be an ethnically diverse city full of entrepreneurs that are as friendly as they are hardworking,” Lloyd writes. “Not only did I discover why so many young people are buying homes in the city, but I also found a new appreciation for this small West Texas enclave and the people who call it home.”

Read Lloyd’s full report here.