Valentine's Day to mark milestone for 'Made by Caitlin'

Valentine’s Day to mark milestone for Odessa mom’s young business

An Odessa mom who started a business out of her hobby will celebrate one year since she sold her first item on Valentine’s Day.

Caitlin Nabarrette’s brand, “Made by Caitlin,” was highlighted on The City of Odessa’s Facebook page, just in time for Valentine’s Day 2024.

Having learned to crochet at a young age from her mom, Nabarrette said she made herself a Triceratops in 2022 and “knew I could start a business out of it.”

After selling her first item on Valentine’s Day in 2023, she started doing markets.

“The support I get from the community is amazing,” she said.

Nabarrette says her son Jaxton largely inspired her decision to start Made by Caitlin, as the business enables her to earn an income and still be available to support him in school.

Help Nabarrette score sales on Made by Caitlin’s one-year anniversary by visiting here.

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