West Texas all star team honored for winning national football title

West Texas all-star team honored for winning national football title

West Texas football once again proved formidable on a national stage.

A team of all star youth football players assembled from multiple West Texas communities recently won a national title in Florida.

Following a weeklong trip in early December, the 11U All Stars Americal Youth Federation (AYF) Black Gold Conference Football Team earned the AYF All Star Division title.

Midland Councilmember John Norman, who approached coaches about the idea of assembling an all star team, said the youth football regular season happens in the fall. At the end of the regular season, players were chosen from teams in several West Texas communities to represent the region at the AYF national championships. The team featured players from Pecos, Andrews, Big Spring, Greenwood, Midland and Odessa, according to the city.

The team, described as having persistence and character, committed to practicing for three weeks prior to traveling to Florida, and were commended for overcoming obstacles placed in their way in a brief amount of time.

To honor the young champs, the Midland City Council passed a city proclamation declaring Jan. 9 “11U All-Stars AYF Black Gold Conference Football Team Day” in the city.

“This team was comprised of kids from all over West Texas, including the small towns,” said Robert Hernandez, the all star team’s head coach. “That’s what made this special, coming together, showing everybody that you can do it, no matter where you come from, even from a small town in West Texas.”

Along with Coach Hernandez, the championship team was coached by assistants including Councilmember Norman, Harold Taylor, Juan “JJ” Vera and Mathew Tavarez.

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