Chevron Permian’s Zackory Akin says lower carbon goals part of 'workplace culture'

Chevron Permian’s Zackory Akin says lower carbon goals part of ‘workplace culture’

For Chevron employees such as Zackory Akin, methane reduction isn’t just a professional goal: It’s a core value.

His perspective reflects how Chevron’s belief in a lower carbon future is permeating the company’s workplace culture. It influences Chevron’s actions as the company continues its industry leadership in methane emission reductions.

Chevron’s aim is to empower teams at the field level to prioritize reducing methane intensity.

why it matters

Environmental targets and strategies are critical and designed to inspire real-life actions.

Chevron set a 2028 methane target of 2 kilograms CO₂-equivalent per barrel, which is a 50 percent reduction from its 2016 baseline. The company believes its strong culture will accomplish this goal.

Chevron’s success in producing affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner energy would not be possible without the professional environment it cultivates.

thought bubble

“If a company doesn’t have a strong culture—if its employees don’t believe in its vision and genuinely want to do the work—then it’s not going to be a success,” said Akin, a standard facilities team lead. “Culture is not something that’s made overnight. It is developed by people who have a long-term vision and understand that we have an important service providing energy to people. You need people who have that mindset.”

more on that

Chevron says its culture unites its ambitions, targets, strategies, actions, and leads to results. It is shared from the chairman to the field teams.

“Culture is the most important factor,” said Ryder Booth, vice president of Chevron’s Mid-Continent Business Unit, when speaking to The Economist about the company’s methane strategy.

methane management

Methane management is critical to a lower carbon future, and Chevron says it’s focused on detecting and reducing emissions. The company is designing new facilities to prevent methane leaks, it adopted a methane leak elimination mindset and it is deploying improved sensor technology to confirm the absence of methane emissions.