Carlsbad dedicates new birding area at Six-Mile Dam

Carlsbad dedicates new birding area at Six-Mile Dam

Members of the Carlsbad community recently gathered to dedicate the new Steve West Birding Area at Six-Mile Dam.

The area along the Pecos River, a haven for migratory birds, received a number of improvements, including four covered picnic tables on concrete slabs, tash receptacles, a nature trail, a new road and more rockeries for area birds, according to Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway. In addition to birding, the area is also great for fishing, kayaking and picnicking, the mayor added.

The project was a public-private partnership, as portions of the area are owned by the city, Bureau of Land Management and private landowners.

“Future plans for the area include adding a kayak launch ramp,” Janway said.

The new birding area is named after Steve West, a long-time educator and birding enthusiast “who contributed a great deal to this community,” said Janway. West attended the dedication ceremony.

For more information, read Mayor Janway’s latest report on the dedication here.