Mrs. America Regina Stock earns new title: cancer survivor

Mrs. America Regina Stock earns new title: cancer survivor

Midland’s Regina Stock, crowned Mrs. America in August 2023, recently updated the community on her kidney cancer diagnosis.

After undergoing surgery to remove her cancerous mass and kidney, Stock said she is celebrating two weeks of being cancer free. While emphasizing that she is still recovering from her surgery and will be monitored for any spreading or reoccurrence for the rest of her life, Stock said she can “breathe a little easier knowing that for the time being, I am a cancer survivor.” The City of Odessa reported the update on Facebook.

The Mrs. America winner, who is the mother of four children, thanked the Mrs. America sisterhood and everyone that donated to her Go Fund Me and rallied around her during the incredibly difficult time. She credited her supporters with helping save her life and said, for that, “I am eternally grateful.”

Prior to Stock’s surgery, former Mrs. America, Brooklyn Rivera, joined other former Mrs. America titleholders to support Stock during cancer battle by launching a Go Fund Me with a $60,000 goal. The funding aimed to help Stock’s blended family while her health challenge kept her and her husband away from work as they attended to her recovery.

Stock, an Odessa High graduate, was only two months into her reign as Mrs. America when she was first diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma impacting her left kidney.

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