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Odessa to fund free diabetes clinic

Odessa residents struggling to afford healthcare will soon have access to a free diabetes clinic.

The Odessa mayor and City Council recently voted to designate $500,000 in federal American Rescue Plan Act funds (ARPA) to open the clinic in a partnership with the Medical Center Hospital System (MCH).

The clinic will open at the site of the former MCH urgent care clinic at 1940 E. 42nd St., near Permian High School, according to the current plans. The urgent care clinic was shut down during the COVID pandemic, according to the city.

Offering nine rooms for patients, the free diabetes clinic will provide “an invaluable service to those who lack adequate healthcare,” said Odessa Councilmember Mark Matta.

In addition to treating patients, the clinic will serve as a training grounds for up-and-coming physicians, the city said.

Odessa to fund free diabetes clinic

Future site of diabetes clinic/City of Odessa.

At the onset, the clinic will open on a limited number of days and hours, according to the city.

Odessa Mayor Javier Joven, a diabetic and cancer survivor, said there’s a need to fill a gap in education in the areas of diabetes, hypertension and high blood pressure.

“I’m committed to improving the knowledge in pre-diagnosis in these areas for the segment of our citizens in Odessa who have limited access or no access to pre-treatment,” the mayor said.

The City of Odessa and MCH social media pages will provide updates on when the clinic will open.

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